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Mediteran antik, HRN EN 1304:2005

Clay double interlocking tile of excellent sealing properties and nail hole, combined with additional roof elements 'Nexe krov plus', 40 years guarantee

Mediteran antik
Average weight (kg/pcs): 3,6
Consumption per m2 (pcs): 13,2
Covering dimension (mm): 360x210
Packing: 240 pieces on a pallet in 4 rows; packing dimension 1180x850 mm; packing weight 885 kg
Special elements: Under ridge tile; Ventilation tile; Ridge tile; Ridge front tile; Ridge end cap

Mediteran tile is ideal solution for your roof if you live in coastal area or if roof  is exposed to strong and frequent winds.  With consumption of  13 pieces /m2 and weight of  3,6 kg Mediteran is easily and quickly installed on every roof. Each tile has a nailhole that enables safty fastening on roof batten. Water permeability is guaranteed even on extremely small roof slopes.  In combination with additional roof equipment 'Nexe krov plus' has 40 years quality guarantee.

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    Imperial ridge tile

    Imperial ridge tile, HRN EN 1304:2005

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