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Dioklecijan, HRN EN 1304:2005

Nexe large size roof tile, diverse application, state-of-the-art sealing properties and forty-year guarantee

Average weight (kg/pcs): 3,8
Consumption per m2 (pcs): 11,0
Covering dimensions (mm): 375x240
Packing: 240 pcs on a pallet; packing dimensions 1020x965 cm; packing weight 1000 kg

Dioklecijan is large size roof tile whose  quality, color and design represent unique combination for your roof.  It is characterized by  diverse application. Roof tile can be used in both continental and mediterranean regions.  

This roof tile is characterized by state-of-the-art sealing properties (double sealing system)- thus increasing safety and diverse application, consumption of only 11 pcs/m2 – resulting in fast construction and excellent profitability and additional protection by engobe.

Dioklecijan roof tile is available in three standards colours: natur, red and black. 

Roof tile comes with thirty-year guarantee. If one chooses additional roof equipment 'Nexe krov plus', we give 30+10-year guarantee. 

Dioklecijan red

Dioklecijan black

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